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We’ve all been watching North America in movies for years

Now is the time to go and see it for yourself. With beautifully famous cities ripe with art, theatre, music, culture, unrivalled architecture and passion The USA and Canada have it all. From the adventure-filled Rockies in the west to the white sand beaches in Hawaii, to the world renowned artistry in New York to cruising around the Alaskan coastline to the music of Chicago, here you will find what exactly what you’re looking for.


Want a holiday filled with outdoor adventures, friendly people and fries covered in gravy and cheese curd? Then without a doubt – Canada is for you. Experience Canada like never before when you take a roadtrip through the Rocky Mountains, go skiing on world famous slopes in the winter or mountain biking in the summer. Discover hidden lakes and waterfalls in the numerous forests before hearing the roar of Niagara Falls. Witness Vancouver blossom before your eyes in the Spring and turn golden in Fall.

New York

Live out your favourite fantasies in the Big Apple when shopping on 5th Avenue, dining in some of the finest restaurants in the world, riding a bike through Central Park, eating bagels in Brooklyn or soaking in that famous skyline from the Statue of Liberty. Feel the pulse of the city that never sleeps and enjoy the best of broadway late into the night.


Jazz up your music knowledge in the home of blues music, dance in the streets with locals, cheer on your favourite team at Millennium Park and ride a bike along the historically vibrant waterfront. Snap the iconic mirror selfie in The Bean while biting into your Chicago style hotdog before an afternoon sailing to the infamous lakeside Museum Campus to learn all about our natural world and the galaxies beyond. After a few days jaunting around the city, begin your relaxing drive along the world famous Route 66. Don’t forget to snap a pic at the sign before you leave!

San Francisco

Steep streets, colorful houses, iconic cable cars and multiple famous landmarks such as The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz; San Francisco is a city saturated in culture. With a prominent ‘we will make it happen’ attitude, any idea is worth a shot here. It is the birthplace of many social movements making it the perfect place to find that kick-starting inspiration.

Los Angeles

Make your children’s dreams come true at Disneyland and make your own come true in Hollywood! With incredible weather, the latest trends, easy access to mountains and the Pacific Ocean – Los Angeles is the place you want to be.


Get outside, soak up the sun, be in and on the water, pitch a tent, ride a horse and start adventuring! Florida is a nature enthusiasts and adventurous persons haven with its natural springs, equipped campgrounds, stretching beaches, meandering rivers and unique mangroves. Start your Caribbean cruise of a lifetime in Florida after spotting a diverse range of wildlife like you’ve never seen before


Cast your worries aside and melt into everything Hawaii has to offer. With idyllic beaches, delicious fresh foods, incredible adventure tourism and endless great shopping opportunities, Hawaii is a place of happiness. Fly over the island and see some of your favourite Hollywood movies come to life. Trek to the famous waterfall from Jurassic Park and watch the sun set out over the Pacific Ocean.

Charmaine has been amazing. We only had a vague idea about where we wanted to go as a family. Over dozens of messages she helped us whittle it down and we’d decided on Bali. Charmaine has guided us with where to stay and nice activities for the children. I feel safe taking my kids to such a foreign experience because Charmaine will be available 24/7 if anything goes wrong.

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