What kind of holiday are you looking for?

Know what you would like to do and how you want to spend your holiday but not sure where in the world to go? Or even just know you need to get away and are up for anything? Explore these ideas to spark some inspiration and guide you to the holiday that fits you.


If bouncing from city to city isn’t your groove then why not pick a destination that wasn’t even on your radar? Destinations such as Dubrovnik on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland, Kyoto in Japan, Lebanon, Dominica, Papua New Guinea and so many more! Spend a decent chunk of time here to really get a feel for the place, to truly experience life like a local and to be able to fully relax into a new way of life


Check off one of those big ‘bucket list’ experiences on your next holiday! Love motorcycles and have always dreamed of riding the entirety of Route 66? Then do it! Have a fascination for rugged and untouched landscapes at the ends of the earth? Then take that cruise around Alaska! Constantly dream of flying? Then go to the Hot Air Balloon festivals in Turkey! The world is full of endless incredible and life changing experiences just waiting for you to discover them.


Do you get that little ‘itch’ after being in one place doing the same thing for too long? Adventure cravings are very real, so to make sure that your next holiday has enough thrill, excitement and change – make sure you go somewhere with endless adventure opportunities. Spend a night in the Moroccan desert, go cliff jumping off Croatia’s coast, hike to incredible ancient ruins in South America, swim with sharks in the Maldives, discover secluded lakes in the mountains in Canada and most importantly; satisfy your cravings.

Rest and Relaxation

Feeling a little burnt out and in need of a decent decompressing? Then seek refuge on the white sand beaches of the South Pacific Islands or deep in the rural countryside of New Zealand, away from the noise of a city. Spend your days reading a book, practicing card tricks, lazily swimming or hiking, take a bath and just let yourself breathe.


Whether this is your first big family holiday or your ninth, choosing your destination can always be a challenge. One of the best options is the theme parks in Australia; with endless fun and laughter for everyone! Book yourselves in at a resort with a kids program and give everyone a chance to do their own thing while still enjoying time bonding as a family. Fly a little further and find yourselves relaxing on one of the South Pacifics gorgeous islands – the ones your kids learn about in school!

Couples Travel

Escape reality with your loved one and create memories to cherish forever. Go parasailing in France, take a cooking class together, tear up the dance floor salsa style in Cuba, spot lions and giraffes on a safari in Africa and best yet – make the most of cheaper holiday package rates! Strengthen your relationship as you navigate the difficult sides of travel but where you ultimately emerge stronger together.

Solo Travel

Ready to get travelling but none of your friends or family are? No worries! Just get going regardless and when staying in hostels, going on guided tours, taking a cruise – you will meet so many like-minded people along the way! Go on – step out of your comfort zone and give solo travelling a chance! You might even surprise yourself!

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